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In December 2010 I took the step over to the Apple side (some call it the dark side) at home. Why? The iMac 27” screen is one of the best screens in the world, but also because of my curiosity. I have been a Windows-user since Windows 3, so I thought it was time to try something different.

A few years back my fiancée bought a Macbook, and since then our home is equipped with iPhones and an iPad. So the last thing to do was to throw out the PC in exchange for an iMac. Don’t get me wrong, I love the PC and Windows, and it’s what I use at work.

This of course opens up a new world, because now it’s possible for me to develop iOS apps. So in December I downloaded Xcode and started programming. Now I find out how good Microsoft.Net really is. Developing in Xcode is everything but simple. The language Objective-C is one of the strangest programming languages I’ve ever came across. Another strange thing is that UI design and programming is separated in two different applications, not integrated as Visual Studio. In the upcoming version (Xcode 4) UI Design and programming is integrated though.

During the Christmas holidays I tested iOS development a lot, and a couple of weeks ago our company Mindbite registered as an iOS development organization, so you can expect a Mindbite App in the App Store in the near future.

This was a short post about iOS development at Mindbite, but it will be followed up regularly.

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