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Last week I released our company's first Windows Phone 7 app in Private Beta. The app will be publicly announced soon, so the only description I can give for the moment is that it has to do with GPS and mapping.

Developing apps for Windows Phone is great and it just got better with the Mango beta and Windows Phone SDK 7.1 beta 2. Now you can easily simulate GPS and mapping in the emulator, which saves a lot of driving when testing your app.

A new and really cool feature in Marketplace is that you can publish an app under Private Beta (instead of publishing directly to the live Marketplace) . This gives us developers a chance to widely test the app by inviting other Windows Phone users to the private beta.

Our app is now being tested by several persons including Microsoft’s Nordic Windows Phone 7 Business Manager, Peter Wissinger, which is very exciting.

I will publish more information later on.

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