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This is my first blog post in my brand new blog!

My name is Robin Månsson and I'm Head of Development at the company Mindbite AB. Me and my friend Marcus started the company way back in the spring of year 2000. We currently have two employees with great skills in both design and programming.

My primary focus is programming web applications in Microsoft .Net. I started building web sites in the middle of the 90's, and I began programming somewhere around 1998. My first IDE was Visual Studio 3.0 and I haven't left Visual Studio since.

Not only am I a full time programmer, I'm also a full time family man and father. In november 2009 we gave birth to our wonderful daughter Nelly.

By the way, I live in Hultsfred, Sweden. A town most famous for starting one of the first rock festivals in Sweden, but also for having the first northern desert; "Kira's Desert".

Why do I want to blog?

I want to make my way into the community, sharing my experiences and knowledge. But most importantly I want to gain more knowledge by other professional’s feedback on my future posts.

The reason this blog is entirely in English, is because I want a bigger audience for my posts.

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