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On July 1st, a unique service was released at The Wildlife Accident Map is a service that brings driver safety and wildlife awareness. By entering a start location and a destination the map creates a route and displays all wildlife accidents along the way.


The service is provided by Nationella Viltolycksrådet which is the council managed by Rikspolisstyrelsen (National Police Board). The council is responsible for handling search parties for wildlife accidents in Sweden. Whenever an accident occur, it is reported in a web application developed by us at Mindbite. Over 7 500 persons work with this application and they provide all necessary data about these wildlife accidents.

During 2010 over 47 000 accidents were reported, and this data gives excellent reports to authorities, scientists and media. With this data it becomes easier to inform citizens and improve risk awareness for people driving cars in Sweden.

At several reports are available to the public, so that they can become aware of regions where many accidents happen. Even if accidents may happen almost everywhere, drivers can now find information about troubled regions and ultimately change their driving behavior.

This kind of organization and data gathering is unique, and the first of its kind in the world. So we at Mindbite are very proud to be a part of this service. We are also proud to deliver the Wildlife Accident Map which will enlighten its users.

So, head over to and check out your common routes and find out about the troubled regions along your way.

Closing comments

The mapping technology is provided by Google Maps. All coordinates are provided by Nationella Viltolycksrådet.

We would appreciate if you would spread the word about this service. It will help other drivers become more aware of the risks.

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