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Today we are releasing a new version of SiteFactory CMS 4 (build 4029) that brings new features to the product. The major feature is “MultiSites” which gives us the ability to run multiple sites in one SiteFactory CMS instance.

Before this update we could run several languages with their own domains in one instance, but if a customer wanted a campaign site with a custom design, we had to add a new language (i.e. en-US) to the instance and connect a domain to it. In the system the site was then labeled “English (United States)”.

In this release we can customize both the name of the new site and give it a specific icon that is not connected to a language (culture). So now an instance of SiteFactory CMS is more organized and gives a better feel for the site administrators. Our customers will be able to utilize their current installation of SiteFactory CMS now that we can append new sites to them instead of either adding new languages or adding more installations.

The websites in an instance can now be setup with:

  • Name
  • Icon (both public and internal)
  • Domains that point to the site
  • Default domain that the system redirects to
  • Base UrlRewrite Key (i.e.
  • Automatic Page Title mask

The customers cannot create own custom sites. All sites in an instance are managed by Mindbite and there is a cost for setting up new sites. When we have setup a new site in a customer’s instance, they can for example:

  • Manage the site’s pages and their content.
  • Move and copy pages between sites.

This is how it looks

Page Structure Sidebar.

Information view of the site.

Closing comments

MultiSites is a long awaited feature and we are proud to finally being able to release it. It is a feature that will be developed further.

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