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Last week I released my first app for Windows Phone 7. The app is called “Viltolyckskartan” and it’s developed with Rikspolisstyrelsen.

Since this spring I’ve had the opportunity to test-drive a Windows Phone. And when Mango beta was released early this summer I started developing the app. After my summer vacation I did a live demo in a car with our project manager at Rikspolisstyrelsen.


The app shows a map and uses Location Services to determine the user’s location. Every 50 meters the app sends a call to a web service at and asks for every wildlife accident nearby. The web service responds with a list of all accidents and its coordinates. Then the app adds these accidents as PushPins to the map. When 3 or more accidents has occurred nearby, an alarm is triggered so the driver will be alerted that he/she is entering an area with several historical accidents.

For the moment our database stores accidents from January 2010 up to now. So we have a lot of data to work with. And more features will certainly be developed in the future.

Many might think of it as stupid to develop an app for Windows Phone 7, due to its lack of owners. Today WP7 has a market share around 1-2 %. The reason I decided to test developing for Windows Phone is:

- Windows Phone apps are developed with Microsoft .Net and C# which is the language I work with professionally, so I have great knowledge in that.

- Short learning time. I wrote a working app in only a few hours (even though the final product took a lot longer).

- The Marketplace is not near the quantity in apps from competitors iPhone and Android. So I figured, hey, if you want to get some attention, publish an app here.

- The app might be released on iPhone in the future.

Even though I’ve had access to the Mango update, this app is developed for the original (7.0) Marketplace. Microsoft began accepting Mango apps as of today, so I haven’t had the time to publish with features like multitasking yet.

If you have a Windows Phone 7, check out the app using this deep link.

Closing comments

Developing apps for Windows Phone 7 is really easy, especially if you are familiar with Microsoft .Net Framework and C#. If you have no previous skills with this technology, Microsoft provides free developer tools and a lot of online training, and it’s easy to learn.

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