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A few weeks ago I blogged about Windows 8 Metro Style App Development. Today almost all functionality in my App is complete and I’m ready to share some information about it.

App UI

The App called Viltolycka has a very simple UI, and all you have to do is enter a From Address and a To Address. The App contacts Bing Maps and asks for the route between the two locations. When a route has been calculated it is drawn on the map. At this point a request is sent to with information about the entire route. Our API responds with a collection of wildlife accidents that has happened along the route.

Accidents from Vimmerby to Stockholm

Ok, the design is not quite complete.

All accidents are added to the map. A pane on the right side displays data about the route and more interestingly some facts about the accidents along the route.

Accidents around Södertälje

By zooming and moving the map around you can learn about the more dangerous parts of the route.

Accidents around Södertälje

The image above shows a location around Södertälje where a lot of deer and elk accidents has happened in the past. So, what you can learn is that you might want to watch out when driving at that location.

The Next step

I will continue to work on some design elements with my colleague Kim. After that we will send the App to Microsoft Sweden for testing. Our main goal is to ship this app on or before the public release of Windows 8.

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