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Friday 28th. Today we took it slow, with breakfast at home and some sun tanning by the pool on the roof. Then we took a trip to Santa Monica Pier, and ended the day watching the sunset on Venice Beach.




We went down to Santa Monica Pier, and had lunch at the Lobster.


View over Pacific Coast Highway.





The Pacific Ocean.


After our lunch at the Pier, we went on the Pacific Avenue to Venice Beach.


Venice Beach Boardwalk.


Selfie at Venice Beach.


Sunset on Venice Beach.



After the sunset we went back to Downtown, bought some hot dogs and had a barbecue on the roof top.


Jacob Tuesday, October 15, 2019 at 11:42 AM

Rör och jag är från Mellanvästern så ledsen att jag inte kan hjälpa till med den senare delen av frågan men vi gillar att åka skidor eller wakeboard.

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