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This is by far the coolest road trip I’ve ever done. Los Angeles to San Francisco.

We started out at Johan’s apartment, Downtown Los Angeles.


Our first stop was Duke’s in Malibu, where we eat a large breakfast.



Bacon, Melon, Chicken and Strawberry. Breakfast for Champions. After breakfast we continued on Pacific Coast Highway One. Our destination was Big Sur and a stay-over in the wilderness.


The road to San Francisco is remarkable. It cannot simply be justified by my pictures. It has to be experienced, because it is so grand.













Below is the view from our lunch stop.












Once in Big Sur, we found a Lodge dating back to 1925 (If I’m not mistaken).


A healthy breakfast…





After a good night sleep, we decided to take on the trails of the nearby mountains.





Now, we’re on the top and it’s time to head back to the ground.









At around 20:00 (07:00 Swedish Time) we arrive in San Francisco. After checking in to the Hotel, we went out on the town to get a refreshing glass of beer.

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