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On Wednesday 26th I started my trip from Stockholm. I flew to Chicago with SAS where I stopped over for 4 hours, and later on continued to Los Angeles on a flight with Virgin America.


I landed in Los Angeles at around 20:30 (4:30 Swedish Time). My friend Johan picked me up at LAX and we went back to his place for some sleep.

Thursday 27th

Today we went on a road trip in Los Angeles.

View from outside of Johan’s apartment building.

Rodeo Drive




After a drive through Hollywood, we went up to Griffith Observatory.







We continued our trip through Beverly Hills and out on Pacific Coast Highway to Malibu.





We had lunch at Duke’s, and the continued up the road. Then we took a drive over the the mountains and out on Mulholland Drive, and back to Downtown Los Angeles.




When we got back, we went over to a terrace on one of the sky scrapers Downtown.



It was an amazing day! And now time for some sleep.

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