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It's been a long time since my last blog post, mostly due to chasing my daughter around the house, beaches and cities. And also, for the last three weeks I've had vacation.

It has however been, not only a relaxing summer, but also a time for nerdiness. The last month I've evaluated several new and upcoming product releases. Amongst them are Windows Phone 7 "Mango", iOS 5 and Mac OS X Lion. My closest friends know how curious I am regarding testing of beta products (often too early than healthy), so this is a very exciting time for me. One product I've tested for some time is Office 365, which was released last week.

For a couple of months I've been testing Windows Phone 7, which is quite the delight. The "Mango" beta (which Microsoft prevents me from discuss in detail) is a major lift for the newborn Phone OS. Many of its features are locked down and/or limited so I expect a new beta release in weeks or up to a month max.

It's not only the major companies who has new stuff up its sleeves. A lot is cooking at Mindbite as well, and we have several upcoming releases involving web and phones later this summer. With only one week left of my vacation it's soon time to continue working on some really cool solutions and in the next couple of weeks I will present some actual details about them.

Have a great summer!

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