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Earlier this week Microsoft released a preview version of Windows 8.1. Of course, I updated my Surface RT to the new version, and it's quite the delight.

Some new features include Start-button, Desktop background on Startscreen, and an Outlook client. There are plenty more features, but these are the Top 3.

Windows 8 lacks some key apps, but I very much believe that Windows 8 Devices should ultimately rule the world. iPad seems like just an expensive toy, when comparing to the capabilities of Windows 8 on a touch device. Adding a touch/type keyboard to the Surface makes it even more powerful. A 0.6 kg laptop. Love it!

What I also love about Windows 8 and Surface is the ability to connect to our Corporate VPN and manage all our servers without any troubles. Of course, that could be done with an iPad, but on a Surface with a keyboard, it's a much more solid experience.

What I lack the most is Windows Live Writer. So consider this a test post, since I don't have any idea how Word will handle my blog markup.

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