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Earlier this week we acquired a new Nokia Lumia 920 with Microsoft’s most recent phone OS, Windows Phone 8. The new OS was released on October 29, but the Nokia phones were released in Sweden just last week. So of course, we had to add it to our arsenal of developer phones.

Our company has been developing apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone for over a year. One of the apps is called Viltolyckskartan, which can be downloaded from this link.

Windows Phone 8 is major update from Windows Phone 7 (.5), but it requires a new phone. It contains both major and minor updates to the OS, and in the upcoming months I will be blogging about most of these updates.

So, here we go with feature #1


With Windows Phone 8, you can take screenshots of your screen. Big feature? – No, not really. But I consider it essential and it was kind of a bitch that your couldn’t do this on WP7, especially for developers. It is also a crucial feature when blogging about other WP features. So thank you, Microsoft!

How it works

At the same time, press the Power button and the Start button (Windows logo). The image will be saved in its own folder in the Photo hub.

So, just because I now can, I will share my start screen (which is composed by two screenshots). As you can see, without entering a single app, I can directly see missed calls, new message count, social updates, last email+email count,  app updates, my next appointment, Groupon deals, and also the current outdoor temperature.


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