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Are you afraid of losing your phone? People get robbed or misplace their phones all the time. Since your phone carries everything from family photos to important and classified business information, one great feature (that I hope you will never actually need) is “Find my Phone”.

The feature is not exclusive for Windows Phone. Similar services exists for both iOS and Android.

The first thing you do when configuring your new Windows Phone, is to check the following Settings.


What to do when misplacing your phone

Go to and sign in with your Microsoft Account. Be sure to use the same one that you used when registering your device. Then go to the “Find my Phone” view.


From this view you can get information, and a map view displaying your phone’s last known location. If you have several phones, they can all be found using this service.

What to do next?

I consider the phone to be near me

Click on the “Ring” link. If successful the phone will start ringing at a loud volume. If it’s nearby, you should hear it.

I believe the phone has been stolen

If it contains important business information, click the “Erase” link. This will send a signal to the phone, that if successful will erase all information on the phone.

You can also lock the phone using the “Lock” link.

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