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I landed in at LAX in Los Angeles last Sunday evening, after about 17 hours in the air. From here I’ve been working from the NetRelations Inc. office in El Segundo.


At the NetRelations Office in Los Angeles.


During the week we’ve been working a lot, and we’ve also been out doing a lot of other stuff. Amongst other things we went to see Jimmy Kimmel, which was a fun and intense experience. We’ve also seen Furious 7 on a 4D theatre downtown. That was cool.



Jimmy Kimmel Live! was filmed in a studio, and afterwards we went out backside for a concert.

During January we successfully renewed our Gold Certification with Microsoft. Our focus competency is Application Development.


Our firm Mindbite AB has been a partner with Microsoft for over 10 years. In 2009 we a became Silver Certified Partner (Independent Software Vendor), and in 2011 we decided to shoot for the gold-level. Which we succeeded with. In 2012 we managed to maintain our gold-level status.

In 2013 we decided to certify our main product SiteFactory CMS for Microsoft Windows Server 2012. This was a major task, since it’s a complicated procedure to certify an application for gold-level. We upgraded our physical and virtual environments to Windows Server 2012 and using only MinShell on the Test Server, we installed and ran our product flawlessly.

After this certification we were able to continue with our Gold Partner Certification which we completed late December 2013. The Certification Process includes our Gold Certified product SiteFactory CMS, Customer References and a Customer Survey where we scored about twice as high Customer Satisfaction than the average Swedish Partner.

Our Gold Partnership with Microsoft is of great value to both us and our customers. It grants us access to the latest tools before our non-partner competition, and we get first class support from Microsoft during our Product Development.

There are only about 70 companies, that are Gold Certified Partners for Application Development in Sweden. Only five of those are in our greater region, including us.



I’m so excited. In the first week of April I will attend the Microsoft BUILD Developer Conference in San Francisco. For a Microsoft Developer, this is the most influential event where you connect with thousands of other great developers from around the world, and get the Latest News from Microsoft’s Developers.

The venue for this event is the Moscone Center, where also last year’s BUILD event was held. Companies like Google and Apple also held large events here.



BUILD 2014 was opened for registration on January 14 at 18.00 (Swedish Time). I reserved my ticket just three minutes later, and it didn’t take long before the event was sold out. So, on April 1 I will be on location and connect with some of the world’s greatest Microsoft Developers, to learn and share for several days. Hopefully Steve Ballmer will be there to hold a keynote before he steps down as CEO of Microsoft.

The sessions hasn’t been revealed yet, but there will be over a hundred sessions to pick from. I’ve watched a few sessions from BUILD 2013 on Channel9, and my expectations are high. Attending this event will put Mindbite even more in front of our local competition.

My trip will start a little earlier with a flight to Los Angeles on Wednesday the week before BUILD. There I will meet up with my old Mindbite-colleague Johan, that works for NetRelations in Los Angeles. Very exciting!


On Sunday I plan to travel the coast by car from Los Angeles to San Francisco. If everything goes as planned I will arrive in San Francisco on Monday afternoon to check in at Hilton, which is located just 10 walking minutes from the Moscone Center.

I will post more details regarding this trip before, during and after. So check out this blog for breaking BUILD News in April!

If you’ve booked your ticket to BUILD, send me a message and we’ll connect in San Francisco! If you come in early, as I do, maybe we could go sightseeing together before the event.

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Are you a Web Developer, interested in working with the latest technology? Well… We’re hiring!


Mindbite AB is a Microsoft Gold Certified Web Agency located in Vimmerby, Sweden. Our company was founded nearly 14 years ago, and we have clients from a huge span of businesses. From Small Business to the Swedish National Police Board.

Our Team is now looking for a Web Developer with skills in design, web and programming. We work with the latest tools from Adobe and Microsoft. All developers are equipped with a Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, Microsoft Windows 8.1, and Microsoft Visual Studio Premium 2013.

We build all of our solutions with our main product SiteFactory CMS which is Gold Certified for Microsoft Windows Server 2012 and Microsoft SQL Server.

We offer a great workplace with focus on new technology and personal development.

Read more about the job, and apply for it here (in Swedish).

EN_WS12_Cert_Purp258_2_rgbThis summer I spent a lot of time getting our main product SiteFactory CMS Certified by Microsoft. As a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner, we must provide proof of excellence and this certification is our best proof.

There is a difference between Product Certification and Partner Certification. What we have done now is a Gold level Certification of SiteFactory CMS for Windows Server 2012. It is just one of Microsoft’s requirements for our company to maintain the Gold level Certification Partnership with Microsoft.

The Gold level is the highest level of Product Certification for Windows Server 2012 and is only achieved for applications that passes the following requirements:

  • Support for Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Support for non-UI configurations of Windows Server 2012.

The Certification Tests has been conducted on a Virtual Windows Server 2012 machine running on a Windows Server 2012 Datacenter host. The virtual server has been running in “Server Core” during testing, which means that there hasn’t been a graphical interface installed on the server.

You can read the proof of certification here.

What this means for us and our customers

We have developed a software product that is so rock solid that is passes Microsoft’s extensive tests.  Our product works in any Windows Server 2012 Configuration. So our customers knows that they have made a wise decision when choosing SiteFactory CMS. This achievement puts us in front of many of our competitors.

The next step

Trust me when I say we won’t stop here. We will continue to work hard and keep certifying our products along with Microsoft’s server releases. Next up is certification for Windows Server 2012 R2 which will be released in October and we’re also looking at certification for SQL Server 2012.

For the second year we have reached the gold status level in our partnership with Microsoft. Mindbite AB is now a Microsoft Gold Partner in the Application Development competency.


We completed the competency requirements a month ago, which means that we’ve been a Gold Certified Partner for about 13 months (including last years achievements). The competency we’ve been working with was formerly called Independent Software Vendor (ISV).

The competency has now been merged with the following competencies and is now called Application Development

  • Software Development
  • Web Development

We are very happy with this transformation and we believe that our customers and future customers will have a better understanding about the meaning of this partnership. Simply put, it means that we are the best at Application Development. And this is important since we work with both Web Development and Software Development for several platforms, including computers, tablets and phones.

The requirements for this competency are tough, so we are very proud of our achievements. And we will continue our hard work to keep our gold partnership with Microsoft.

As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Company we place ourselves in the top 5% of Microsoft Partners worldwide. In Sweden we are currently one out of 36 companies with this competency. Worldwide we are one out of 908 companies. In our region “Småland” we share this competency with only two companies; Visma SPSC AB and Litium Affärskommunikation AB.

Vi söker dig som har ett brinnande intresse för färg och form, tar 100 % ansvar och vill ha roligt på jobbet. Du kommer ha en central roll i vår organisation och vara delaktig i allt ifrån projektstart till lansering. Tillsammans med våra projektledare kommer du ta fram strategi och struktur för våra kunder och tillsammans med våra utvecklare kommer du förverkliga gråa strukturskisser till levande webbplatser.

Som person är du prestigelös, driven, kreativ och ansvarsfull. Du har ett öga för detaljer och du ger dig inte förrän varje pixel känns bra.

Du har koll på färg och form i allmänhet, med allt från färglära, disposition och typografi, till webben i synnerhet. Du är medveten om webbens begränsningar, men ser där också möjligheter och utrymme för alternativa och kreativa lösningar.

Naturligtvis hanterar du Photoshop och är väldigt bekant med flertalet av Adobes resterande produktportfölj som Illustrator och Flash. Har du gjort strukturskisser tidigare, exempelvis i Axure, har du ytterligare ett plus i kanten.

Formell utbildning är inget krav, vi ser hellre att du är engagerad och brinner för det du gör.

Då du kommer arbeta nära våra utvecklare är det dock extra plus i kanten om du tidigare arbetat med någon form av publiceringsverktyg och även har lite koll på HTML och CSS. Ytterligare programmeringskunskaper är också meriterande, men inget krav.

Start: Omgående
Omfattning: Heltid (100%) (6 månaders provanställning)
Placering: Vimmerby

Observera att vi arbetar löpande med rekryteringen och kan komma att tillsätta platsen innan sista ansökningsdag, så var gärna snabb med din ansökan.

Skicka in din ansökan här

For the last two years our company Mindbite has been a Microsoft Silver Certified Partner. This year we focused on attaining gold status, so as of now we are a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner in the Independent Software Vendor competency.

As stated by Microsoft:
“These partners have access to the latest Microsoft technology and can build, deliver and support innovative software solutions to meet an array of business needs. Many are experts in building Microsoft SQL Server data management solutions, Microsoft cloud-based technology solutions and solutions based on the Windows 7 or Windows Server operating system.”