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I’m so excited. In the first week of April I will attend the Microsoft BUILD Developer Conference in San Francisco. For a Microsoft Developer, this is the most influential event where you connect with thousands of other great developers from around the world, and get the Latest News from Microsoft’s Developers.

The venue for this event is the Moscone Center, where also last year’s BUILD event was held. Companies like Google and Apple also held large events here.



BUILD 2014 was opened for registration on January 14 at 18.00 (Swedish Time). I reserved my ticket just three minutes later, and it didn’t take long before the event was sold out. So, on April 1 I will be on location and connect with some of the world’s greatest Microsoft Developers, to learn and share for several days. Hopefully Steve Ballmer will be there to hold a keynote before he steps down as CEO of Microsoft.

The sessions hasn’t been revealed yet, but there will be over a hundred sessions to pick from. I’ve watched a few sessions from BUILD 2013 on Channel9, and my expectations are high. Attending this event will put Mindbite even more in front of our local competition.

My trip will start a little earlier with a flight to Los Angeles on Wednesday the week before BUILD. There I will meet up with my old Mindbite-colleague Johan, that works for NetRelations in Los Angeles. Very exciting!


On Sunday I plan to travel the coast by car from Los Angeles to San Francisco. If everything goes as planned I will arrive in San Francisco on Monday afternoon to check in at Hilton, which is located just 10 walking minutes from the Moscone Center.

I will post more details regarding this trip before, during and after. So check out this blog for breaking BUILD News in April!

If you’ve booked your ticket to BUILD, send me a message and we’ll connect in San Francisco! If you come in early, as I do, maybe we could go sightseeing together before the event.

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Pun intended, actually.


Today we received a shipment of Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktops to our company. Expectations are high.

I’ve been using keyboards with ergonomic layout since 2000, and the last time I actually bought a new keyboard was in 2005. So for the last 8 years I’ve been using a Logitech Cordless Desktop Pro. That keyboard has become quite the bacterial culture.

Switching keyboard is one of the hardest things to do when you’ve grown so accustomed to a particular one. Now, it’s time commit in a real switch.

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop

The package contains three items; keyboard, mouse and a separate numeric keyboard. All items look really good and innovative and they have a great build quality. The battery lids on all three components are attached by magnets, which is more cool than useful. But it sure adds up to the overall build quality.




This is the Swedish layout.



Magnetically attached battery lid. The USB transmitter is hidden inside the mouse. Didn’t find it at first, and I got a little confused. Smart though.


The lid on keyboard bottom is also attached using magnets.


I just love the design!


The mouse looked kind of boring at first. But it’s actually very comfortable. It is however slightly taller than my older mouse, which makes me accidentally bitch slap it every time I reach for it.

My first intentions were to ditch the mouse in favor of my older one. But after 5 minutes I revised my plans and kept it.

Closing comments

I love Sculpt! Now I just have to get accustomed to it.

After a lot of thought, and after considering buying the Google Nexus 7, I finally decided in favor of iPad mini.

Since I read about the Nexus 7, I started thinking that a 7-8 inch display would be better than a 10 inch display in some ways. It’s lighter and easier to type on. You know, small hands… small iPad.

I’ve spent a small fortune on apps for iOS, so that was also a reason when choosing iPad mini over Nexus 7.






And one of the best things with iPad mini, is that it fits in your pocket. Well, not really. But it is damn small.