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Today we marked SiteFactory CMS 4.2 as code-complete. The final tests were completed successfully just a few minutes ago and the last step is to package the update and distribute it on the Mindbite Update Service.

Some of the major features in this new version include

  • Support for any language content
    i. e. Chinese, Polish, Russian etc.
  • PageType Views
    This feature extends PageTypes with customized views that connects with the existing views in SiteFactory CMS. For example, a developer can set up forms that are only displayed if you are working with a page that inherits from a specific PageType.
  • Thumbnail Cache
    Every thumbnail in a Photo Gallery are now cached physically for fast access and rendering. So if you have a Photo Gallery on you site, it will render extremely fast.
  • New version of RadEditor (Q2 2011)
    Better compatibility with web browsers. Minor bug fixes.
  • Background saving
    When working with the content of a Page’s Work Copy, the content is saved automatically in the background.
    Note that background saving is not active when editing published pages.
  • Better versioning
    Managing Page Versions has been made much easier. You can now preview an earlier version in a full website view. This means that you can see the versioned content inside the actual website design.
  • API Framework
    This is one of the biggest features in this release. With the API Framework our developers can create custom API’s for the customers’ solutions. The framework contains all necessary technology for authentication and handling methods.
    So building a new API for a customer takes no longer time than to write the actual customer specific code.

We have also squashed some bugs and improved loading times and stability.

Release schedule

Since this is such a large update we won’t release it today (because seriously, how many releases do you see on a Friday afternoon?). Instead I will focus on a release early next week.

As always these days, the update will be brought to all SiteFactory CMS 4 websites by our excellent Update Service.

Have a great weekend!

Last week I released our company's first Windows Phone 7 app in Private Beta. The app will be publicly announced soon, so the only description I can give for the moment is that it has to do with GPS and mapping.

Developing apps for Windows Phone is great and it just got better with the Mango beta and Windows Phone SDK 7.1 beta 2. Now you can easily simulate GPS and mapping in the emulator, which saves a lot of driving when testing your app.

A new and really cool feature in Marketplace is that you can publish an app under Private Beta (instead of publishing directly to the live Marketplace) . This gives us developers a chance to widely test the app by inviting other Windows Phone users to the private beta.

Our app is now being tested by several persons including Microsoft’s Nordic Windows Phone 7 Business Manager, Peter Wissinger, which is very exciting.

I will publish more information later on.

It's been a long time since my last blog post, mostly due to chasing my daughter around the house, beaches and cities. And also, for the last three weeks I've had vacation.

It has however been, not only a relaxing summer, but also a time for nerdiness. The last month I've evaluated several new and upcoming product releases. Amongst them are Windows Phone 7 "Mango", iOS 5 and Mac OS X Lion. My closest friends know how curious I am regarding testing of beta products (often too early than healthy), so this is a very exciting time for me. One product I've tested for some time is Office 365, which was released last week.

For a couple of months I've been testing Windows Phone 7, which is quite the delight. The "Mango" beta (which Microsoft prevents me from discuss in detail) is a major lift for the newborn Phone OS. Many of its features are locked down and/or limited so I expect a new beta release in weeks or up to a month max.

It's not only the major companies who has new stuff up its sleeves. A lot is cooking at Mindbite as well, and we have several upcoming releases involving web and phones later this summer. With only one week left of my vacation it's soon time to continue working on some really cool solutions and in the next couple of weeks I will present some actual details about them.

Have a great summer!