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For the last two years our company Mindbite has been a Microsoft Silver Certified Partner. This year we focused on attaining gold status, so as of now we are a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner in the Independent Software Vendor competency.

As stated by Microsoft:
“These partners have access to the latest Microsoft technology and can build, deliver and support innovative software solutions to meet an array of business needs. Many are experts in building Microsoft SQL Server data management solutions, Microsoft cloud-based technology solutions and solutions based on the Windows 7 or Windows Server operating system.”



For the last few weeks we have been working on an App for NVR and Rikspolisstyrelsen (National Police Board). We are very proud to announce that it was released on the App Store yesterday evening. The App which is named Viltolycka provides a unique service to its users, warning them about known areas of wildlife accidents.



Everyone at Mindbite was involved in the development and it has been a good example of our teamwork strengths. I have been responsible for coding the app and Kim has been responsible for all graphics and design. Alexander, Marcus and Therese was a great test panel providing useful input in both look and feel.

Yesterday the entire team worked hard putting the finishing touches to the app, so that the final release would be as good as possible.

How it works

The app monitors your current location and every time you move it sends location data to a Web Service at The Service responds with coordinates for every wildlife accident that has occurred near the location.

Every accident is marked with a red circle on a map and if three or more accidents has occurred nearby the app sounds an alarm, alerting you that you are entering a risky area.

Data Source

Since the beginning of 2010 we have been working with Rikspolisstyrelsen on a web project that is used for reporting every wildlife accident in Sweden. So we have a massive database containing almost every wildlife accident since january 2010.

Get it!

Search for viltolycka in the App Store or click here.