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A few minutes ago Mindbite released its very first Android App. This is of course celebrated by our little Plushie “Andie”.


The App is a port of Viltolycka, previously released for both Windows Phone 7 and iPhone. It’s developed in Java using the Eclipse IDE. For this project we had to transform all features to the Android Design Guidelines, and we think of it as quite the success.

The Design

It contains three views; The Map, The Accident Reporting and The App Information. We used the design guidelines for Android 4 (even though it’s released for Android 2.1 and above), and found inspiration for the navigation pane.


The navigation pane holds the three views. The first area is considered the most important and contains the map where accidents are displayed along your route. Therefore we made it wider than the other two.


The Map

The map displays your current location and at given intervals it connects to our Web Service at and asks for accidents nearby. If accidents are found they are displayed on the map. If three or more accidents are found nearby, the app will sound an alarm.

The Project

The Viltolycka project is driven by Rikspolisstyrelsen (Swedish Police Board). Mindbite has been involved with development for this project for over two years now. Since the start we have delivered a website with a back-end system for managing all wildlife accidents in Sweden. The system serves about 7 600 user accounts.

In august 2011 we released the first App for Windows Phone 7. In October we released the same App for iPhone. And now we have also released an App for Android.

The App for iPhone has been downloaded about 6 000 times. The Web Service that provides accident location data has served over 800 000 requests since December 2011 (approx. 2 months).

93.31% mobile phone coverage

Now that the App is released for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 7 we reach 93.31% of all Swedish mobile phones.
Source: StatCounter GlobalStats (Mobile OS, Sweden, January 2012). iOS (61.91%), Android (31.2%) and Windows Phone 7 (0.2%).

Download the app here


As of December 2011 our company Mindbite is a certified Microsoft Cloud Partner (in addition to our Gold Certified Partnership). That means we are authorized to sell and service Office 365.

With Office 365 you get online access to the following major Microsoft products:

  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Microsoft Lync

Migrating your e-mail accounts to Exchange gives you access to your e-mail on almost any device. Received and sent mail is also synchronized over every device. So if you send an email from your phone, you can see it in your Outlook client on your computer (PC or Mac).

Sharing calendars within your organization is also very easy. It works great in your Outlook client and also in the Outlook Web Access.

With SharePoint you can share and work with Office documents. All documents are accessible in both your Office applications installed on your computer, and also in the SharePoint web application which you can access from the web browser.

Microsoft Lync is a powerful system for communicating within the organization. From the Lync client you can start and attend conferences and share information like your screen or a Word document. If you have a microphone and/or a video camera you can communicate with voice and video.

All data like mail, calendars and documents are stored in the Cloud, so you won’t have to worry about backups. And the best thing, is that Office 365 is very cheap.

If you are interested in how our company can help you migrating to Office 365, you are welcome to contact us using this link. We are professionals at Office 365.