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Today we released a new update for SiteFactory CMS. The version number is now 5.0.7 and the major feature of this update is support for QR Codes.

The QR Code Support has been built into the SiteFactory CMS Core and gives our developers the ability to generate QR Code programmatically. With very little effort and a blink of an eye the QR Code Generator has processed the Url and returned a Byte Array containing the QR Code Image. So now, SiteFactory CMS is ready to use QR Code Support in any customer solution.

The QR Code Generator has been added to our vast Utilities Class Library, which you can read more about here.


We have also created a new Properties View where our customers can view and download a QR Code Image for any page in their SiteFactory CMS website.


What is a QR Code?

You can read a lot about it over here.

Native support in Windows Phone 7.5

If you own a Windows Phone, you can use Bing Vision which is included in the OS to read QR Codes. On other platforms you may need to download special apps to read QR Codes.