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Finally, it’s here. The new Office suite. Microsoft Office 2013!


At the Mindbite office we’ve been running Office 2013 Preview since its release in July. Two weeks ago, Microsoft finished the code and it was released to manufacturing (RTM). As a Microsoft Gold Partner we receive their products earlier than the consumers. At first we were informed that we would get our hands on the RTM-version in November, but we were surprised when Microsoft released it to us yesterday.

All Office 2013 applications (Word, Excel, Outlook etc.) has a beautiful and clean design. They have also put a lot of effort into Cloud integration. Working with files and notes on SharePoint or SkyDrive works like a charm.



The new icons from my most used Office applications. Looking good!



Installation is as easy as usual, and takes only a few minutes. Product activation has been expanded with other options than the usual product keys.




The Windows 8 Start Screen with Office 2013 applications

This is my Start Screen. There isn’t a lot of focus beyond Visual Studio and Office ;)


Screenshots from some of the applications

Notice that little smiley face in the applications? I don’t know if it’s remains from my old installation of Office 2013 Preview. We’ll see after my next reboot. It shouldn’t be there anyway.

Microsoft Word 2013


Microsoft Excel 2013


Microsoft PowerPoint 2013


Microsoft Outlook 2013


Closing comments

I love the new Office. This is a product update you should consider buying when it’s released.

By the way, Microsoft has also released the following products in the Office Family; SharePoint Server 2013, Exchange Server 2013, Lync Server 2013, Visio 2013 and Project 2013.

With the release of Windows 8, Windows Server 2012 and Visual Studio 2012, this is year to remember. It’s probably the biggest release year in Microsoft history. And they have done it with honors!

Since the release of iPhone 3GS me and my colleagues at Mindbite has been quite the iPhone fans. When iPhone 4S was released about a year ago, everyone switched to one. They look good and they feel good. A vast number of useful apps are available so there is little to miss about the iPhone.

Last summer (2011) I took the time to try Windows Phone 7 and even developed an app for it. As a frequent beta user in many of Microsoft’s beta programs I got into the Windows Phone 7.5 Mango beta program and received the beta version early. A few months later I was developing an iPhone app for a customer and switched back from Windows Phone.

I must say that I have missed the Windows Phone for the last year, and when iOS 6 was released some time ago, me and my colleague Marcus got quite disappointed by it and started looking for good alternatives to the iPhone. Marcus bought a Samsung Galaxy S III and he’s now evaluating it for 30 days. Read his blog about it over here (in Swedish).

A few days ago I tried the new iPhone 5, and it’s even more disappointing than iOS 6. The device is taller and they have changed the back material from glass to some other scratch-sensitive material. I hate the fact that you must put your good looking phone in a not so good looking case, because you’re afraid to break it.

My feeling is that Apple innovation peaked a long time ago. I keep waiting for that moment like when the first iPhone was revealed. I want to be surprised. So, last weekend me and my new pal kicked it off. His name is Lumia and looks real handsome. He’s of no help when it comes to boiling eggs or managing my bank account. When I leave home forgetting to turn on the alarm, he is not the go-to-guy. And for every moment when I have nothing to focus on, and I do like every other iPhone addict, reaching for my phone to bring ease to that little boring moment, he’s even more boring.

But when I want to manage my e-mail, stay up-to-date with my friends or work on a Word, Excel or OneNote document, he’s my best friend. Everything works fast and smooth and I can do and watch everything I need without tapping around a bunch of dead icons.

The best thing with Windows Phone is that it has a lot of fantastic features built in. I have only installed a few apps, like Netflix and Adobe Reader. Social media interaction like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn already exists in the phone. Even the dreadful Facebook chat is nicely integrated into the phone.

My favorite part of Windows Phone is the People hub which connects me with everyone I know. It’s hard to describe how good it is, you simply must try it. On the surface it doesn’t look like much, but when you start working with it right, you won’t need Facebook or Twitter apps. You can create groups and extract the information you want or just click on an interesting person and see a history with all your communication and also the person’s Facebook and Twitter feed.

Now, you might think I’m some kind of wacko that puts down an iPhone for a Nokia Lumia with Windows Phone 7.5. And if you do, I understand you. It’s hard to compare Windows Phone with other phones, because the Windows Phone lacks some features and abilities. But I don’t want to be that guy that walks around with a phone in front of me all the time. The Windows Phone matches the person I want to be. And with the upcoming Windows Phone 8 and Surface, this is a good step in acclimatizing to greatness.

Take a look at this old commercial for Windows Phone, and you might understand how I think. It’s actually tragic, because it’s true.

Closing comments

I miss Bike Baron. I miss it a lot.

Today we finalized SiteFactory CMS version 5.0.8 which brings full support for the upcoming Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10.

Windows 8 will be released on October 26. We’ve had access to the final version for about two months now, and we’ve been working on making SiteFactory CMS fully functional with the included browser Internet Explorer 10.

We will begin a controlled distribution of the new version today, using our Update Service. This is the 68th update since we released SiteFactory CMS 5.0 in early November last year.

Closing comments

Mindbite has always been dedicated to testing new technology in its early stages to be able to bring working software to its customers. As with earlier versions of Windows and Internet Explorer we once again deliver working updates before Microsoft’s release to the consumers.