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Yesterday Twitter released a major update for their Windows Phone App. It’s a long awaited update, since their previous version was kind of stinky and pretty much useless. The new version is fresh and works just as good as for the competing platforms. My personal opinion is that the Windows Phone App looks and feels much better than the iOS App.

You can download the app from this link.




One of Windows Phone 8’s new features is Over the Air Updates. Its predecessor had to be connected to the Zune application to receive updates. So this is a pretty good feature.

The WP8 update distribution lands somewhere between iOS and Android in terms of availability. When Apple releases an update, it’s distributed to all devices worldwide at the same time, so there is practically no delay. Android is the exact opposite of this (except for Nexus devices), since their manufacturers (Samsung, HTC etc.) has to apply all their features to every update before they can be released. With Windows Phone, the manufacturers (Nokia, HTC etc.) also applies some customizations and firmware. But since WP8 is very strict there isn’t much to customize, so the updates are released somewhat faster than Android updates. Still, they are far behind Apple.

This morning I received my first OTA update for Windows Phone 8, Portico; 8.0.10211.204. So I gathered some screenshots from the update procedure.










This is the Nokia Wireless Charging Pillow by Fatboy. It’s seriously one of the coolest and best looking phone accessories I’ve ever used. Just plug in the pillow’s power cable and put the phone on top of the pillow and charging begins immediately.

How does it work? My answer would be Magic. But you can read on here for a more conventional answer.



I accidently put an iPhone on top of the pillow, but it melted in tears and vanished… So long, sucker!