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EN_WS12_Cert_Purp258_2_rgbThis summer I spent a lot of time getting our main product SiteFactory CMS Certified by Microsoft. As a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner, we must provide proof of excellence and this certification is our best proof.

There is a difference between Product Certification and Partner Certification. What we have done now is a Gold level Certification of SiteFactory CMS for Windows Server 2012. It is just one of Microsoft’s requirements for our company to maintain the Gold level Certification Partnership with Microsoft.

The Gold level is the highest level of Product Certification for Windows Server 2012 and is only achieved for applications that passes the following requirements:

  • Support for Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Support for non-UI configurations of Windows Server 2012.

The Certification Tests has been conducted on a Virtual Windows Server 2012 machine running on a Windows Server 2012 Datacenter host. The virtual server has been running in “Server Core” during testing, which means that there hasn’t been a graphical interface installed on the server.

You can read the proof of certification here.

What this means for us and our customers

We have developed a software product that is so rock solid that is passes Microsoft’s extensive tests.  Our product works in any Windows Server 2012 Configuration. So our customers knows that they have made a wise decision when choosing SiteFactory CMS. This achievement puts us in front of many of our competitors.

The next step

Trust me when I say we won’t stop here. We will continue to work hard and keep certifying our products along with Microsoft’s server releases. Next up is certification for Windows Server 2012 R2 which will be released in October and we’re also looking at certification for SQL Server 2012.


As of December 2011 our company Mindbite is a certified Microsoft Cloud Partner (in addition to our Gold Certified Partnership). That means we are authorized to sell and service Office 365.

With Office 365 you get online access to the following major Microsoft products:

  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Microsoft Lync

Migrating your e-mail accounts to Exchange gives you access to your e-mail on almost any device. Received and sent mail is also synchronized over every device. So if you send an email from your phone, you can see it in your Outlook client on your computer (PC or Mac).

Sharing calendars within your organization is also very easy. It works great in your Outlook client and also in the Outlook Web Access.

With SharePoint you can share and work with Office documents. All documents are accessible in both your Office applications installed on your computer, and also in the SharePoint web application which you can access from the web browser.

Microsoft Lync is a powerful system for communicating within the organization. From the Lync client you can start and attend conferences and share information like your screen or a Word document. If you have a microphone and/or a video camera you can communicate with voice and video.

All data like mail, calendars and documents are stored in the Cloud, so you won’t have to worry about backups. And the best thing, is that Office 365 is very cheap.

If you are interested in how our company can help you migrating to Office 365, you are welcome to contact us using this link. We are professionals at Office 365.

For the last two years our company Mindbite has been a Microsoft Silver Certified Partner. This year we focused on attaining gold status, so as of now we are a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner in the Independent Software Vendor competency.

As stated by Microsoft:
“These partners have access to the latest Microsoft technology and can build, deliver and support innovative software solutions to meet an array of business needs. Many are experts in building Microsoft SQL Server data management solutions, Microsoft cloud-based technology solutions and solutions based on the Windows 7 or Windows Server operating system.”