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Yesterday (Monday 31st) we arrived in San Francisco and checked in at Hilton Union Square. We got a good nights sleep after a few bears at a local pub.

Today was registration day at Microsoft Build. The entire block around the Conference Center was full with Microsoft Commercials. Unfortunately it was raining heavy almost the entire day, so I couldn’t get a good photo from it.

Since registration opened as late as 3.00 PM, we had a full day with sightseeing in San Francisco. Here are a bunch of photos from our day.


You can’t really tell the height by looking at this photo, but the angle of this slope is quite amazing. We took a walk up Nob Hill and down to the docks.







Local competition Ler


Here are some Panoramic Photos from the docks. The island in the middle is Alcatraz.




Above, is Alcatraz Island. After our long walk down the docks, we went back to the hotel for our car, and went on a trip over Golden Gate Bridge.







When we got back to town, the registration for Build opened, and I went there to register and pick up my pass.


After the registration, I went back to the hotel to freshen up for the Swedish Microsoft Meet Up at the ThirstyBear Brewing Company. On site there were around one hundred Swedish Developers hungry for snacks, beer and a social time.

It was a great day, and an equally great evening with Microsoft Sweden.

Tomorrow Microsoft will open up with a keynote, announcing some new cool stuff. I will be there reporting live at the event.