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Are you a Web Developer, interested in working with the latest technology? Well… We’re hiring!


Mindbite AB is a Microsoft Gold Certified Web Agency located in Vimmerby, Sweden. Our company was founded nearly 14 years ago, and we have clients from a huge span of businesses. From Small Business to the Swedish National Police Board.

Our Team is now looking for a Web Developer with skills in design, web and programming. We work with the latest tools from Adobe and Microsoft. All developers are equipped with a Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, Microsoft Windows 8.1, and Microsoft Visual Studio Premium 2013.

We build all of our solutions with our main product SiteFactory CMS which is Gold Certified for Microsoft Windows Server 2012 and Microsoft SQL Server.

We offer a great workplace with focus on new technology and personal development.

Read more about the job, and apply for it here (in Swedish).

Vi söker dig som har ett brinnande intresse för färg och form, tar 100 % ansvar och vill ha roligt på jobbet. Du kommer ha en central roll i vår organisation och vara delaktig i allt ifrån projektstart till lansering. Tillsammans med våra projektledare kommer du ta fram strategi och struktur för våra kunder och tillsammans med våra utvecklare kommer du förverkliga gråa strukturskisser till levande webbplatser.

Som person är du prestigelös, driven, kreativ och ansvarsfull. Du har ett öga för detaljer och du ger dig inte förrän varje pixel känns bra.

Du har koll på färg och form i allmänhet, med allt från färglära, disposition och typografi, till webben i synnerhet. Du är medveten om webbens begränsningar, men ser där också möjligheter och utrymme för alternativa och kreativa lösningar.

Naturligtvis hanterar du Photoshop och är väldigt bekant med flertalet av Adobes resterande produktportfölj som Illustrator och Flash. Har du gjort strukturskisser tidigare, exempelvis i Axure, har du ytterligare ett plus i kanten.

Formell utbildning är inget krav, vi ser hellre att du är engagerad och brinner för det du gör.

Då du kommer arbeta nära våra utvecklare är det dock extra plus i kanten om du tidigare arbetat med någon form av publiceringsverktyg och även har lite koll på HTML och CSS. Ytterligare programmeringskunskaper är också meriterande, men inget krav.

Start: Omgående
Omfattning: Heltid (100%) (6 månaders provanställning)
Placering: Vimmerby

Observera att vi arbetar löpande med rekryteringen och kan komma att tillsätta platsen innan sista ansökningsdag, så var gärna snabb med din ansökan.

Skicka in din ansökan här


As of December 2011 our company Mindbite is a certified Microsoft Cloud Partner (in addition to our Gold Certified Partnership). That means we are authorized to sell and service Office 365.

With Office 365 you get online access to the following major Microsoft products:

  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Microsoft Lync

Migrating your e-mail accounts to Exchange gives you access to your e-mail on almost any device. Received and sent mail is also synchronized over every device. So if you send an email from your phone, you can see it in your Outlook client on your computer (PC or Mac).

Sharing calendars within your organization is also very easy. It works great in your Outlook client and also in the Outlook Web Access.

With SharePoint you can share and work with Office documents. All documents are accessible in both your Office applications installed on your computer, and also in the SharePoint web application which you can access from the web browser.

Microsoft Lync is a powerful system for communicating within the organization. From the Lync client you can start and attend conferences and share information like your screen or a Word document. If you have a microphone and/or a video camera you can communicate with voice and video.

All data like mail, calendars and documents are stored in the Cloud, so you won’t have to worry about backups. And the best thing, is that Office 365 is very cheap.

If you are interested in how our company can help you migrating to Office 365, you are welcome to contact us using this link. We are professionals at Office 365.

On July 1st, a unique service was released at The Wildlife Accident Map is a service that brings driver safety and wildlife awareness. By entering a start location and a destination the map creates a route and displays all wildlife accidents along the way.


The service is provided by Nationella Viltolycksrådet which is the council managed by Rikspolisstyrelsen (National Police Board). The council is responsible for handling search parties for wildlife accidents in Sweden. Whenever an accident occur, it is reported in a web application developed by us at Mindbite. Over 7 500 persons work with this application and they provide all necessary data about these wildlife accidents.

During 2010 over 47 000 accidents were reported, and this data gives excellent reports to authorities, scientists and media. With this data it becomes easier to inform citizens and improve risk awareness for people driving cars in Sweden.

At several reports are available to the public, so that they can become aware of regions where many accidents happen. Even if accidents may happen almost everywhere, drivers can now find information about troubled regions and ultimately change their driving behavior.

This kind of organization and data gathering is unique, and the first of its kind in the world. So we at Mindbite are very proud to be a part of this service. We are also proud to deliver the Wildlife Accident Map which will enlighten its users.

So, head over to and check out your common routes and find out about the troubled regions along your way.

Closing comments

The mapping technology is provided by Google Maps. All coordinates are provided by Nationella Viltolycksrådet.

We would appreciate if you would spread the word about this service. It will help other drivers become more aware of the risks.

At Mindbite we develop web applications and websites using SiteFactory CMS as a content engine. In almost every project we develop custom modules or enhancements that extend the existing features of the system. For every module we create Class Libraries with objects reflecting the contents of each project’s database. All SiteFactory CMS websites use Microsoft SQL Server as a database server, and when the solution is hosted at Mindbite we specifically use Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 which is a fast and powerful database server.

We have a saying at Mindbite that we never do the same thing twice, and to live up to that we have different methods. For one, code re-use is a major part of our work method, as I’ve written about earlier. A more concrete way of incorporating this is our own tool Mindbite Code Tools.

Mindbite Code Tools is a Windows application designed to perform recurring time consuming tasks in just seconds. The smallest feature is a SQL Query parser that parses queries cutting off unnecessary query data. Another tool takes a list of privates and creates a set of properties in c# or vb. The major tool is a Class Library Builder which is kind of an Entity Framework lite.

Class Library Builder

The Class Library Builder (or as Microsoft should have shortened it; CLB) lets our developers connect to any Microsoft SQL Server and retrieve a list of databases. When selecting a database the user is presented with a list of tables. From here the user selects a table and specifies a Class Library name and in less than a second the builder sets up a new Class Library in c# or vb that contains:

  • Proper Namespace references.
  • An “Item” class containing:
    • Fields for all columns in the table.
    • Properties for all columns in the table.
    • Several useful constructors (based on our development model)
    • Fully functional methods for saving changes to the database (INSERT, UPDATE & DELETE).
    • All data input/output is automatically configured with the SiteFactory CMS Data Access Layer.
  • A class containing an “Items” property which is a List of Item.

The code that is generated is ready to use instantly, without any compilation errors.

The Class Library Builder is used on a daily basis by our developers, and it saves us a lot of time and money for our customers. Instead of doing the same thing twice in every project we can focus on what really counts, and that is creating smart solutions for the customers.

Closing comments

Before Mindbite Code Tools we spent hours creating the same kind of code structure in every project. Now, we don’t have to, and I couldn’t work a single day without this tool. Code Tools has been a part of our work method for a few years now and it’s being enhanced regularly. And for every new feature we get to focus on the things that matter.

The Mindbite Update Service is a vital part of SiteFactory CMS because it keeps all websites up to date. This feature was introduced in SiteFactory CMS 4.0 and was considered a major feature in the planning. The idea of having a Service pushing updates to our customer’s websites has been discussed for several years, but now it was time to make it happen. With over 165 websites running SiteFactory CMS we simply had to pull it off.

Before Mindbite Update Service we updated all websites manually which was extremely time consuming. Depending on the update it took between 10 minutes and an hour to update a website. Updating over 165 websites manually took a long time and we had no ability to push urgent bug fixes.

With Mindbite Update Service we can push updates to the websites at any time and since its release on November 11 –2010 we  have already released 25 updates of various size and severity to our SiteFactory CMS 4 websites. So in a little over three months we have released more updates to SiteFactory CMS 4.0 than we did with SiteFactory CMS 3.0 in over a year and half. The difference, of course, is that the updates in SiteFactory CMS 3.0 were larger than the updates in version 4.0, but mostly because we didn’t have the ability to update all customers at once.

Service Capabilities

Mindbite Update Service is installed in our Server Farm that consists of servers running Windows Server 2008 R2 and SQL Server 2008 R2. The Service automatically manages all subscriptions (SiteFactory CMS websites). Every website communicates with the Service and upon the first authentication the Service creates a new subscription and connects it with the website. The communication between the subscriber and the Service is logged and secured with an encrypted data package to prevent other people to tamper with the Service.

All updates released to SiteFactory CMS are securely stored in the Service, together with all update meta data. When we push install an update to a website, we save an installation log entry so that we can follow up on every installed update.

To be safe, we never push updates to all websites at the same time. Instead we select 5-10 subscriptions and verify every installation. Before an update is installed, the Service checks all files included in the update package and takes a backup of existing files that are about to be upgraded. When the installation is done and the system gets a success message, the backup is purged. If something goes wrong the system restores the backup and notifies us what happened. This is just a fail safe though. We have pushed over 500 updates with this technology without any hick-ups.

Subscription list in Mindbite Update (Swedish only).

The Update Package is structured and can be configured to add/update files and if necessary modify configuration files and the SQL database. It can basically be configured to do whatever you want it to do, so it’s very flexible.


Since we push updates to live SiteFactory CMS websites, we must always be sure that the new code, that is being installed, is never modified in a way that would create conflicts in custom implementations. Deleting a class or a method could result in a major crash if a developer has used it in an solution. Therefor we put a lot of effort in making the SiteFactory CMS 4.0 Core libraries as solid as possible. Namespace paths for instance will never change in any future release. Only new and/or modified features will be released. Code could ultimately be attributed as obsolete, and a change would be suggested, but it will never throw errors.

Closing comments

The Mindbite Update Service is a part of our SiteFactory CMS that we are particularly proud of. Thanks to it we can distribute bug fixes and new features in no time. Now we can utilize our time to create more features and make SiteFactory CMS an even better product.

The Service is scalable and we can connect other products to it without much work.

This is my first blog post in my brand new blog!

My name is Robin Månsson and I'm Head of Development at the company Mindbite AB. Me and my friend Marcus started the company way back in the spring of year 2000. We currently have two employees with great skills in both design and programming.

My primary focus is programming web applications in Microsoft .Net. I started building web sites in the middle of the 90's, and I began programming somewhere around 1998. My first IDE was Visual Studio 3.0 and I haven't left Visual Studio since.

Not only am I a full time programmer, I'm also a full time family man and father. In november 2009 we gave birth to our wonderful daughter Nelly.

By the way, I live in Hultsfred, Sweden. A town most famous for starting one of the first rock festivals in Sweden, but also for having the first northern desert; "Kira's Desert".

Why do I want to blog?

I want to make my way into the community, sharing my experiences and knowledge. But most importantly I want to gain more knowledge by other professional’s feedback on my future posts.

The reason this blog is entirely in English, is because I want a bigger audience for my posts.