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A few minutes ago Mindbite released its very first Android App. This is of course celebrated by our little Plushie “Andie”.


The App is a port of Viltolycka, previously released for both Windows Phone 7 and iPhone. It’s developed in Java using the Eclipse IDE. For this project we had to transform all features to the Android Design Guidelines, and we think of it as quite the success.

The Design

It contains three views; The Map, The Accident Reporting and The App Information. We used the design guidelines for Android 4 (even though it’s released for Android 2.1 and above), and found inspiration for the navigation pane.


The navigation pane holds the three views. The first area is considered the most important and contains the map where accidents are displayed along your route. Therefore we made it wider than the other two.


The Map

The map displays your current location and at given intervals it connects to our Web Service at and asks for accidents nearby. If accidents are found they are displayed on the map. If three or more accidents are found nearby, the app will sound an alarm.

The Project

The Viltolycka project is driven by Rikspolisstyrelsen (Swedish Police Board). Mindbite has been involved with development for this project for over two years now. Since the start we have delivered a website with a back-end system for managing all wildlife accidents in Sweden. The system serves about 7 600 user accounts.

In august 2011 we released the first App for Windows Phone 7. In October we released the same App for iPhone. And now we have also released an App for Android.

The App for iPhone has been downloaded about 6 000 times. The Web Service that provides accident location data has served over 800 000 requests since December 2011 (approx. 2 months).

93.31% mobile phone coverage

Now that the App is released for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 7 we reach 93.31% of all Swedish mobile phones.
Source: StatCounter GlobalStats (Mobile OS, Sweden, January 2012). iOS (61.91%), Android (31.2%) and Windows Phone 7 (0.2%).

Download the app here

Yesterday we officially released a new major version of SiteFactory CMS. It was announced at a seminar a few weeks ago, when the attendants got their hands on the new version.


Main focus when developing the new version

In this version we focused on scalability, speed optimization and providing an even greater user experience.


Mindbite Core Foundation Server, which is the core system that SiteFactory CMS is built upon, is extremely scalable. By using special configuration files we can inject new views at any location in the system to extend the functionality in a customer’s installation. All added content and functionality automatically connects with the core security system so the owner can apply permissions for the new content.

This is however not a new feature, it has in fact been there since the first version (and improved in several versions back). In SiteFactory CMS 5.0 we improved the scalability by creating Isolated Modules. The Isolated Modules works like Apps in modern cell phones. They can utilize all functionality in the system but they have their own configuration files for settings and security. They also have their own resources and translation files. Widgets can be developed and packaged with Isolated Modules to bring information to the Dashboard.

Speed optimization

In every new version of SiteFactory CMS we try our best to improve its performance. This time we found a new way to optimize the public website. In most cases the loading time was improved to twice as fast as before. In one scenario it improved the loading time by 1600 %.

Greater user experience

Our focus has always been to provide a user-friendly UI/UX. SiteFactory CMS 5.0 has got a complete overhaul in both the interface and the structure. A new menu system gives the user a better overview over the system. It’s both easier to work with and to find what you’re looking for. These changes also gives us the ability to create even larger customer systems.

The first thing the users see when signing in is the brand new dashboard. For the moment all installations comes with six widgets displaying information about the system and their websites. Further widgets will be deployed later on. Widgets can also be developed for each customer.


All SiteFactory CMS customers will, as always, get all these new features.

We will start deploying SiteFactory CMS 5.0 to customer sites this week. The new version will be deployed to every site automatically through our Update Service.

Closing comments

You can expect further posts with more detailed information about the new version.

Today we marked SiteFactory CMS 4.2 as code-complete. The final tests were completed successfully just a few minutes ago and the last step is to package the update and distribute it on the Mindbite Update Service.

Some of the major features in this new version include

  • Support for any language content
    i. e. Chinese, Polish, Russian etc.
  • PageType Views
    This feature extends PageTypes with customized views that connects with the existing views in SiteFactory CMS. For example, a developer can set up forms that are only displayed if you are working with a page that inherits from a specific PageType.
  • Thumbnail Cache
    Every thumbnail in a Photo Gallery are now cached physically for fast access and rendering. So if you have a Photo Gallery on you site, it will render extremely fast.
  • New version of RadEditor (Q2 2011)
    Better compatibility with web browsers. Minor bug fixes.
  • Background saving
    When working with the content of a Page’s Work Copy, the content is saved automatically in the background.
    Note that background saving is not active when editing published pages.
  • Better versioning
    Managing Page Versions has been made much easier. You can now preview an earlier version in a full website view. This means that you can see the versioned content inside the actual website design.
  • API Framework
    This is one of the biggest features in this release. With the API Framework our developers can create custom API’s for the customers’ solutions. The framework contains all necessary technology for authentication and handling methods.
    So building a new API for a customer takes no longer time than to write the actual customer specific code.

We have also squashed some bugs and improved loading times and stability.

Release schedule

Since this is such a large update we won’t release it today (because seriously, how many releases do you see on a Friday afternoon?). Instead I will focus on a release early next week.

As always these days, the update will be brought to all SiteFactory CMS 4 websites by our excellent Update Service.

Have a great weekend!

Today we released SiteFactory CMS 4.1 which we have worked on since November 2010 when we released SiteFactory 4.0. Our focus has been three major features; MultiSites, PageTypes and support for Internet Explorer 9.


This release takes our product to new levels, both for our developers and our customers. Besides the three major features a lot of focus was new features for our developers. With more EventHandlers and many new features the developers we can create better websites.

Thanks to our Mindbite Update Service we can push this update to all customer websites instantly. The installation will be pushed out later this evening.

A full list of changes can be found here at this link (Swedish only).