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With SiteFactory CMS 4 there is no hassle migrating from a previous platform. One of the most important things to do when migrating is to take care of the old urls and redirect them to the new location (if the urls will be changed in the process). In SiteFactory CMS 4 we introduced a new feature called “Import Sitemap”.


The Import Sitemap module gives the administrator the ability to upload an existing xml-sitemap to SiteFactory CMS. The module parses the sitemap and presents all its pages with a respective DropDownList for which to make a connection with an existing page.


The time consuming part here is to make all proper connections between old urls and the correct page in SiteFactory CMS. When the connections are done you simply press a button and seconds later all connections are up and running.


In SiteFactory CMS we have made our own routing engine that takes care of all requests. So when a request is made to an old url, the engine fetches it and if there is a connection with an existing page in the CMS the routing engine redirects the visitor to the correct page.

Routing can also be configured manually on single pages.


Closing comments

This is a very powerful feature and it helped us gain 4.9 points out of 5 in Jajja’s SEO-test of Content Management Systems 2010.