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Last week I installed Windows Server 8 Developer Preview on Hyper-V. Installation was smoother than ever, but I can’t say that I liked the UI/UX. When bringing the Home Screen and removing the Start Menu on a server OS, I think you’ve gone to far. I seriously hope Microsoft will reconsider this, at least for the server. Luckily there is Server Core, so you won’t have to see the graphical mess.

One of my main motives for this installation (besides curiosity) was to test IIS 8 and see if SiteFactory CMS works on it.
Test results: It works great!

Screenshots from installation, initialization, management and IIS8 with SiteFactory CMS





Closing comments

Michael Johansson, if you read this, I guess you just puked all over your keyboard :-)

Just a few days ago Microsoft released Windows Server 8 Developer Preview on MSDN. This morning I installed it on our Hyper-V server. One of the new things in Windows Server 8 is IIS 8 which is a new version of the web server we host all SiteFactory CMS sites on.

Even though Windows Server 8 and IIS 8 hasn’t even gone in to the beta phase yet, SiteFactory CMS works like a charm. We will of course test SiteFactory CMS on every release before RTM, so that we can fix any possible issues in upcoming releases.